The Healing Power of Clear Reflections

“Life is the initiation, and healing is a process, not an event.” ~ Jamie Sams

How true those words are. So many times, we want to rush the healing process we are in. We see where we know we should be but want to hurry the process of getting there. But when we do that, we take steps backward in our process and miss out on much of the beauty that comes from allowing the work to happen as it unfolds.

There’s so much to fill the space between where I have been and where I am. So encapsulating those events into “words” is difficult. But if I can sum up the most critical part of my healing journey in one word, it would be “reflections.”

Over the past few years, I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by people who could reflect on the areas in my life that needed work. It was difficult, at first, to manage these reflections and sometimes painful to see myself so clearly. Most times, those acting as mirrors in my life had no idea they were such. But they were great healers and safe holders of space.

Once I realized how critical having clear reflections is to destroying the false illusion of self, I embraced them—slowing down the time to sit with the things becoming known to me. I stopped trying to start being. After a while, I began intentionally asking for reflections to learn to see myself correctly. That’s when everything changed for me.

“Every event in life offers reflections that can teach us about ourselves.”

We often have skewed perspectives of ourselves. It can be hard to receive positive and negative feedback. Still, we should learn to embrace both because each moves us closer to seeing ourselves more clearly.

As our view of ourselves becomes clear, it becomes easier to withdraw from things that rob us of our life-force energy. We begin to reclaim parts of ourselves stuck in an elusive reality and way of moving through this world.

There is more work to do and more parts of me to recover, but I feel I can finally exhale fully into Mother Earth for the support I need. I’ve only scratched the surface of the undoing and the remembering of who I am, and I have a ways to go on this path of evolution. But I can genuinely say I feel more like I’ve imagined I should for the first time in my life, and I can finally begin living with intention.
Reflections Blog Post

“We will never fully embrace and honor the medicine within us until we leave false identities behind and live authentically.”

I never thought of myself as a victim, but I was. I’ve experienced victimization and extreme trauma since I was a child. Somehow along the way, I adopted being traumatized as part of my person. Stripping off that persona and stepping into a healed and whole person has been my work. The fact that I’d “overcome” so much against all odds kept me captive. I had to learn to release the story and set the victim free.

Web of life

“We are each the carrier of our own unique medicine. You are a vital part of the cosmic web of life, connecting all things as one.” 

Starting Glasswing Medicine is a safe place for me to begin to explore and interact with this life. I am a musical being. Sound, vibration, frequency, and melody surround

my life. And yet this offering has allowed me to blossom and expand in ways I didn’t see coming. It’s become more than simply sound therapy. It’s an outlet to offer back what I’ve been given from others to others. And I am honored to offer this medicine to those who feel called to receive it.

It’s not without the help of everyone surrounding, loving, and holding me even when I didn’t know I needed it that I’ve made it this far. And I won’t be without surrounding myself with those on my path that I continue. We need each other. It’s just too difficult to do this work alone.

I’m sharing this with you because I want you to know more about me and my journey. And if you find this speaks to you, you will embrace, seek out, or notice the clear reflections present in your life for your healing and the healing of others.

All is one.