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Group experiences.

Sound Baths, Workshops, and Special Events.

In every group offering, my foremost intention is to cultivate a sanctuary — a safe haven where healing and growth are not just possibilities but realities. Central to each event is the transformative power of sound, an experience that I believe can open pathways to profound personal change.

Sound has an ancient, almost mystical quality that speaks directly to the soul. It bypasses the clutter of the conscious mind, reaching into the depths where true healing begins. In our gatherings, the sound experience is not merely an activity; it’s the heart of our journey together. It’s an invitation to let go, to delve into the realms of inner peace and self-discovery.

My aspiration for you is to find more than just a momentary escape. I hope that within the harmonies and vibrations, you uncover inspirations that ignite a deep-seated desire to learn and grow. This journey is as much about relaxation and enjoyment as it is about transformation. The sounds are carefully selected to create an environment where relaxation is as natural as breathing, where each note carries the potential to dissolve stress and usher in a sense of profound tranquility.

Sound & Gong Bath @ The Hive Centralia

We are excited to come back to the Hive in Centralia, Washington. It’s a lovely creative and movement space nestled in the heart of the city’s downtown district. 

Join us here to experience sound and community in this central location. 

Cost: $35
Where: The Hive Centralia 

Full Moon in Sagittarius.

Saggitarius is all about optimism, expansion, and growth. We will harness the energy of this fiery sign to help us see our fullest potential and focus on our target. During this sound bath, you’ll experience sounds curated to open your heart and help you see the gold inside of you. All that you are capable of and hope to become.

Experience the high frequencies of the angelic realms with crystal bowls, mixed metal bowls, chimes, and special tuners to help you ascend to a relaxed state where you can see your highest self.

Space is limited, so you’ll want to register early.

Cost: $25
Where: GlassWing Medicine Onalaska 

Connect to the Sacred Within.

Join us for a guided journey to the celestial realms, harmonizing your being and rejuvenating your soul. This practice is designed to help you center yourself, calm your mind and body, and connect with your divine nature.

Commencing with a sacred movement session led by wellness mentor Tammy Bux, we will connect to the earth and heavenly energies, accompanied by ethereal soundscapes performed by certified sound therapist Angela Jackson. 

By practicing flowing postures, mindful breathing, and guided meditation inspired by qigong and yoga, we will cultivate inner awareness and awaken our divine essence within.

The evening will close with an immersion into a symphonic tapestry woven from the resonant frequencies of crystal bowls, gongs, and chimes led by Angela Jackson. As you relax and let the sound waves wash over you, you will feel a sense of harmony and peace within. 

This journey offers the chance to unwind and experience deep emotional and spiritual recalibration. You will emerge from this session feeling recharged, centered, and intimately connected to the world around you and to the source energy of all that is.

Self-Investment: $55
When: June 14, 6-8 PM
Where: Bauman Chiropractic, Downtown Vancouver, WA

Full Moon in Capricorn & Solstice Celebration.

At the midpoint of our year, we enter into the full moon in Capricorn and Celebrate Summer Solstice.

This full moon calls us to take stock of the foundation we are building our dreams and recognize all that it has taken to get us to this point. During this moon, we will celebrate our accomplishments and honor the work we are doing. 

Cost: $35
Where: GlassWing Medicine Onalaska 

Summer Solstice Meet Your Spirit Guides.

Are you craving a deeper connection to the unseen and your own inner wisdom?

Join Emily O’Neal, a psychic medium and intuitive coach, for a transformative guided meditation experience set to a mystical sound bath by Angela of GlassWing Medicine.

We’ll embark on a journey to unlock intuition and tap into the subtle energies of the Spirit realm, guiding you towards inner peace and a deeper connection to Spirit.

Through my guided meditation, you’ll discover tools to:

– Reduce stress and find inner peace. ‍
– Connect with the subtle energies of the Spirit realm.
– Connect with your unique inner guidance system and helpers in Spirit.
– Find a place of rest amidst the busyness of life.

This is your chance to awaken your intuition, cultivate a deep connection to the Spirit realm, and harness their support to cultivate a sense of deep fulfillment and love.

Event Details

– Summer Solstice Ceremony
– Mystical Sound Bath Experience
– Break for Healthy Refreshments
– Guided Meditation (Meet Your Spirit Guides)
– Group Discussion

Spiritual Investment: $75
When: June 22, 12 – 4 PM
Where: GlassWing Medicine Onalaska

Full Moon in Capricorn.

We have two Capricorn full moons to help us evaluate our life’s foundation and what we are building and becoming. We will continue to use the energy of summer to propel, dig deep, and dream big.  

Cost: $25
Where: GlassWing Medicine Onalaska 

Full Moon in Aquarius.

Under this Aquarius full blue moon, we begin to evaluate and balance what we really want for our lives versus what we are doing for others. It brings our awareness to the desire to be part of something bigger and to use our unique talents in a way that makes meaning in our lives. We will support each other’s dreams and visions in this circle supported by sounds that bring togetherness and visioning. 

Cost: $25
Where: GlassWing Medicine Onalaska 

Full Moon in Pisces.

September has a lot in store for us. We will welcome the fall and the transitioning energy of the season during Equinox. We will also experience a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Expect the energy to be immense. Our focus during this sound bath will be to calm and soothe our emotions and to tap into our deepest intuition for support and empathy for ourselves and others. 

Cost: $35
Where: GlassWing Medicine Onalaska 

Full Moon in Aries.

An Aries full moon calls us to ignite our passions by showing us exactly what we need to focus on for our personal growth. It gives us the fire we need to move forward with our passions. We will use this energy to harness that power going deep within to dream and envision our future. 

Cost: $25
Where: GlassWing Medicine Onalaska 
" I don't know if words are enough to convey the experience I had at the January 2024 Full Moon Sound Bath. Music would be the closest I could get to how I feel, but I will try my best. Being out in the woods, surrounded by nature and all she has to offer, was the perfect environment for the sound bath to occur. Hearing the creatures around us and the rain falling on the Yurt, was like out of a fairy tale. Actually better. The sounds that Angela is able to create, lifted me into a state of bliss immediately upon them hitting my body. If you are looking for help in your healing journey, the power of vibrational sound therapy, guided by Angela, will not lead you astray."
Amy O'Neill

"The sounds that Angela is able to create, lifted me into a state of bliss immediately upon them hitting my body."