Sound Medicine Offerings

Tune into your natural frequency.

Moving your body, mind, and spirit, through sound.

When it comes to self-care, you may need to adopt several modalities for a practice that fits your lifestyle. You may find one modality perfect for you or the need to switch things up from one session to the next as you move along this path of healing. Regardless of where you are, the beginning is the first step. Once we get to know one another and what’s happening in your life and body,  we can customize a practice that works best for you and your way of being. 

Vibrational Sound Therapy

Retune your body, mind, and spirit in an intuitive vibrational sound therapy session. In this private session, therapeutic Himalayan bowls are used on the body to create soothing tones and deep vibrations. It’s a combination that induces a delta state of relaxation, providing a gentle but deep energetic tissue massage for the body and relief for the nervous system.

Your session may also include tuning forks, crystal bowls, and other instruments based on your energy flow and intuitive insight and guidance for what your body needs. 

Most clients experience deep healing during these sessions as  sound and vibration release stuck energy from their bodies. Others experience deep spiritual journeys where they find the answers to emotional questions or relief from anxiety and depression. 

We are vibrational beings, so sound therapy is the perfect way to bring your body back to harmony.

photo of a tent set up for a group sound bath in onalaska, wa GlassWing Medicine

Sound Baths

Soak in a sound healing bath curated for you for what your mind, spirit, and body needs.  Each session is intuitively composed to help your brain downshift to a place of deep relaxation, sleep, or spiritual journeying. It’s a beautiful meditative experience to help your mind, body, and soul relax so they can heal.

A beautiful selection of instruments is played during these private sessions, from crystal bowls to gongs.

Sound bath sessions are available for individuals or groups in my studio or a location of your choice by request. 

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Corporate Wellness

In the fast-paced corporate world, mental and emotional stress can often go unnoticed, yet its impact on productivity and employee satisfaction is profound. Group sound baths offer a collective experience of deep relaxation and rejuvenation. Immersed in the soothing waves of harmonic sounds, your team can release stress, enhance focus, and foster a sense of unity. This shared journey not only soothes the mind but also strengthens team bonds, creating a more empathetic and cooperative work environment.

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"I was blown away by my experience with Angela and GlassWing Medicine. I've heard singing bowls before, and I've experienced "sound and energetic healings," and this is not your typical woo-woo sound session. It is something entirely different. Far from just calming my mind or helping me to feel relaxed, the sessions I've had with Angela actually left my body feeling better. Feeling the vibrations run through my body and resonate in my bones felt incredible. She was able to help with my restless leg syndrome, which has eluded me for years.

Angela is very skilled and precise. She balances the technical aspects of her practice with her intuitive ability to tune in to clients' energy and help them open up. Her calm and loving presence feels authentic and not part of a sales pitch. I highly recommend a session with GlassWing Medicine. You won't regret it!"
Patrick Hildreth

"She was able to help with my restless leg syndrome, which has eluded me for years."