Journey to the Heart of it.

Healing medicines for your soul.

A Haven of self care heal, grow, & Experience sound.

GlassWing Medicine is a haven for relaxation, healing, and growth. A peaceful sanctuary to experience sound and frequencies so you can tap into anything keeping you from living life in alignment with your passions, goals, and soul’s purpose. It’s a space to take the time you need to care for yourself.

Each private session is tailored to help you where you need it most and may include a blend of healing methods intended to care for the whole person —spirit, mind, and body. And to provide a healing refuge full of love and compassion where you can be seen and heard—a place where you will know you are enough.

I’m an intuitive guide, healer, and certified sound therapist. My approach is rooted in loving compassion to help you release physical, spiritual, or energetic blocks from your life. So you can live a more authentic expression of who you are and find joy in just being yourself.

Vibrational Sound Therapy

Everyone has a vibration and is tuned to a particular frequency. Just like an instrument can lose its tuning, humans can too. Vibrational Sound Therapy uses specialized Himalayan Singing Bowls to tune your body and relax your mind. Most people experience lowered anxiety and a deep sense of relaxation in their physical, energetic, and mental bodies.

Healing Your Heart, Mind, & Spirit Through Sound.

Each of my offerings provides a relaxing experience for the body, mind, and soul. During our initial discovery session, we’ll discuss what you need most and tailor a self-care plan based on what unfolds.

Vibrational Sound

Fall into deep meditative relaxation through sound and vibration with this full-body experience. It’s the perfect session to relax your mind and body.

Sound Baths

Soak in an ocean of sound waves in a private or group sound bath with curated frequencies designed to help you rest, reset and heal. 

Corporate Wellness

Sound healing promotes mental clarity and stress relief, fostering a harmonious work environment that enhances productivity.

"Angela at GlassWing did an amazing job bravely clearing my fear blocks. Then, gently grounded my Spirit to sit back into my body in a much more balanced way.

I feel refreshed and strong in body and mind. My emotions have leveled and calmed. All my fear and resistance are gone. I can breathe deeply with ease again. She is amazingly intuitive and was connected to me and my guides from the second I walked in the door.

She is a wonder, and I have all the faith in the world that she can untangle any Spiritual, emotional, mental, or physical situation you have gotten yourself into. I will definitely be back!!! Thanks, Angela!"
Trina Marie

"I feel refreshed and strong in body and mind. I can breathe deeply with ease again."